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This is Leo Shen. But if you see a guy called szclsya somewhere, that should be me.


  • Undergraduate Mathematics student at University of Waterloo.

  • Music enthusiast, have a Walkman and use it to do weird things.

  • Use Arch Linux && AOSC OS, also a contributer to AOSC OS.

  • Use Emacs & vim, little bit more Emacs.

  • Use SinkPad ThinkPad

  • Have Nintendo Switch, favourite game is Xenoblade Chronicles 2.


  • Email: meatszclsyadotme

  • Email: szclsyaatgmaildotcom

  • Github: szclsya

  • Steam: szclsya


If possible, please contact me via PGP.

PGP KeyID: 91351F513F67552E1ECAAB60498CB4BB3F4A10A2 Already revoked

PGP KeyID: A8A24328D9D4EEE5A50DD9E196F7202214647A8B. Or directly download the public key here.

This blog

This blog is built with Hugo. The theme is written by me and source code can be found at github. The source code of the articles is also open source at github. Feel free to share and remix my work, as long as the license under the article is followed.