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Old friend

Chenyijia001 (a.k.a learningis1st) A long-term friend of mine. Active Wikipedian and PC enthusiast.


TypeBlog Android porting expert! (PeterCxy android-device?) → rom?

From a magical fishing wire

Or a copper wire, whatever.


约伊兹的萌狼乡手札. The Goddess of Harvest (according to the book). Active in the #archlinux-cn community and very helpful to the beginners. The guy who lead me into the coreboot thing and static site generator thing.

Le Code d'Origine as Force0x1

OriginCode 札記. Still at high school, but already an expert at package maintenance on Arch Linux platform. Good job! Name may vary based on which language course he's currently taking.

Mingcong Bai

POWER to the People. History and Russian student who is also the mainstay of the AOSC distro. I mean, wow. Also, "have a distinct taste on computers".

i.e. OCD – Mingcong Bai


Farseerfc's Nest. Arch Linux TU. Developed the awesome pacvis tool. Resolving dependency issue has never been cooler! Also have a great interest in filesystem implementation.


Felix's Blog. Also Arch Linux TU. Maintain a crazy amount of packages. "Makes Arch Linux not only up to date, but bleeding edge."

Alynx Zhou

喵's StackHarbor - Whisper to the World. An expressive cat I guess? Streams CS:GO and Dota quite a lot on Bilibili. Also a Misaka Mikoto fan. Spreads anti-C++ propaganda all the time.


VOID001's wowo. a.k.a VOID133, but based on my samples the probability that VOID001 is used is 99% with a confidence interval of 95%. Has a deep understanding in operating system, even produced a great series on kernel development!